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Sahara Ray and the Husky

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Two Brothers Re-Create Childhood Photos As A Priceless Gift To Their Mother (via Then/Now)

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If you doubt anything. Doubt your doubts.
— 4am thoughts
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When it is in your nature to nurture. Normally you will in-vision the best out of people.
It is often that you meet ppl that will seduce you with their potential.
As an optimist we forget that some people choose to be “content.” Little do they know they confuse contentment with complacency.
If you become attach you will be hurt.

And I’ve been attach. I’ve been hurt. I built walls. I’ve grew strong in pride.

I never really thought anyone would take the time to get thru them. I was right. No one will or has..

But I met someone who I wasn’t seduced with their potential. Because I’m seduced with who she is…

She is her potential.

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I am IN LOVE with the thought of falling in love with you.
— My mind
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sitting there…
I just stared,
into empty space.
…saw your smile…
i saw your face… 
crystal clear as day.
i closed my eyes ,
i heard your voice ,
i heard you say my name ….
and we start to talk
and I have to ask
been wondering , 
" how do you feel…?
 I’m so afraid I’ll forget you”
and you say, 
" I’m scared that you never will"

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hi, some people know me as photographer, so here my first video approach. It’s unpretentious movie, but I hope you’ll enjoy it)

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